Formation Anglais Assurance (Entreprises)

La formation à l'anglais Gymglish (plan de formation ou du CPF) s'adressent aux entreprises désireuses de proposer à leurs collaborateurs une formation professionnelle à l'anglais, à distance ou en Blended Learning .

Formation Anglais Assurance : Gymglish PRO ANGLAIS ASSURANCE

• Durée de formation : 12 mois  (max. 60 heures) ou 6 mois (max. 30 heures)

• Niveau prérequis :  tous niveaux (sauf débutants)

• Suivi et Attestation de fin de formation

• Prise en charge et Gestion Directe avec les OPCA si besoin

Notre formation à l’anglais des affaires est personnalisée et adaptée à vos lacunes et besoins. Vous pourrez choisir de travailler en priorité l'écrit, l'oral, un accent en particulier, les échanges par email, téléphone.... Dans le cadre de l'offre Anglais Assurance , nous vous proposerons chaque jour un nouvel épisode de la Delavigne Corporation traitant en priorité de situations et terminologies 'Assurance': réunion, négociation, réclamation, sinistre, rédaction de contrat, assurance-vie, ect.

Voici quelques exemples d'épisodes ANGLAIS ASSURANCE:

Auto insurance: A new mission for Brian (Scene 3 of 5)
Brian calls the insurance broker

Voici le script des audios et des épisodes écrits ANGLAIS ASSURANCE:

Auto insurance: A new mission for Brian (Scene 1 of 5)
Brian calls the insurance broker

Bruno Delavigne sends an e-mail to Brian Jones

From: Bruno Delavigne (
To: Brian Jones (
Subject: Auto insurance

formation anglais telephone 3


I've been having a recurrent nightmare recently. My dream keeps on taking me back to that fateful day many years ago when I collided with the Kalvin Krime truck and lost my faculty to smell. The last vision I have, just before I wake up screaming, is the face of the truck driver, the evil intent in his eyes, and the faint smile on his lips, as tranquil as my yoga master.

I made two mistakes that day: not putting on my seatbelt (and suffering horrific nasal injuries as a result) and not renewing my auto insurance. Since I was no longer covered, my insurance claim against Kalvin Krime was refused, even though the truck driver was the responsible party.

This is why, Brian, I'd like you to review the Delavigne auto insurance policies for our company vehicles. I'd like to be sure that our fleet has insurance coverage for all eventualities, including acts of God.

I'm counting on you, Brian. The health of your Delavigne colleagues is in your hands.


Auto insurance: A new mission for Brian (Scene 3 of 5)
Brian calls the insurance broker

Shannon: Hello, Ouch Insurance, Shannon Truman speaking.

Brian: Hello, my name is Jones, Brian Jones. I'm calling from the Delavigne Corporation. I wanted to get some more information about our vehicle insurance policy.

Shannon: Sure, just give me a second here. Yep, here we are, Delavigne Corporation, I've actually got a note here to call you. Your policy has just lapsed.

Brian: Lapsed?!? What does that mean?

Shannon: It means that your vehicles aren't covered. In the event of an accident, if someone files a claim against you, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in damages. Not to mention that it is illegal to drive in most states without at least some liability insurance.

Brian: Lucky I called you. Bruno would kill me if he found out!

Shannon: It sounds like you might need life insurance as well. I'll send you an e-mail with details of the last policy your company purchased.

Brian: Ok, thanks.

Shannon: Check it, and with your agreement we can renew the same policy.

Brian: Ok. Goodbye.

From: Shannon Truman (
To: Brian Jones (
Subject: Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage  

Hello Mr. Jones,  

Further to our conversation, here is a brief summary of the current policy you hold with Ouch Insurance.  

Auto insurance: A new mission for Brian (Scene 4 of 5)
Brian calls the insurance broker

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Summary  

All 25 vehicles within the Delavigne Corp fleet have been insured with the following kinds of coverage:  

Insurance type Description Insurance limit for damages
Bodily injury liability Covers injuries that you cause to someone else. $500,000 per person
Property damage liability Covers you if your car damages someone else's property. $100,000 per accident
Uninsured motorist Covers you if you are hit by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver. $50,000 per person
Medical payments Covers medical bills if you or your passengers are hurt in an accident. $500,000 per person
Comprehensive Covers damages to your vehicles in incidents other than auto accidents. -
Collision Covers damages to your vehicle resulting from a collision with another car. -
  Premium per vehicle $2,796.56
  Total insured vehicles 25
  Total premium before discount $69,914.00
  Discount @ 5% $3,495.70
  Total 12-month policy premium $66,418.30

You have a $500 deductible on your comprehensive and collision coverage, meaning that Ouch Insurance will pay for any damages above this amount. Ouch Insurance will pay to repair your vehicle up to its market value.  

Your coverage began on January 1, 2009. This policy expires on January 1, 2010.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon,  

Shannon Truman
Auto Insurance Broker
Ouch Insurance