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Übersetzung & Definition

an accident: ein Unfall, ein Zwischenfall
by accident (or accidentally): zufällig, durch Zufall


  • "It may sound like an accident waiting to happen, but certain high-profile university professors are researching powering aircraft with on-board nuclear reactors."
  • "Covers damages to your vehicles in incidents other than auto accidents."
  • "$100,000 per accident"
  • "Philip/Hannah : An accident?"
  • "I had an unfortunate accident when I was younger."
  • "A shipment of perfume was being transported to São Paulo when the accident occurred."
  • "Covers medical bills if you or your passengers are hurt in an accident."
  • "The bad news is that my tarantulas were accidentally delivered to a child's baptism.The good news is that Edward Moon is a bastard."
  • "Shaun Saber : Yeah, my artificial arm. I lost my real arm in a photocopying accident."
  • "As you may have heard, your last delivery of perfume was destroyed in a freak traffic accident."

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