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according to (Bruno): laut (Bruno), (Bruno) zufolge
According to Philip, 9 out of 10 women would do anything for diamonds. Laut Philip würden 9 von 10 Frauen alles für Diamanten tun.
According to the latest press release, Delavigne will be coming out with a new perfume next month. Dem neuesten Pressebericht zufolge, wird Delavigne nächsten Monat ein neues Parfum auf den Markt bringen.


  • "Bruno : Okay Harold, according to this bank statement your payments on this ranch alone are costing you over 50,000 dollars per month."
  • "According to scientists, the aviation industry is responsible for around 3.5% of man-made climate change."
  • "But, according to the survey, Wayne thinks that wearing TigerLily makes him look tough."
  • "According to one recent study, foot traffic at retail stores fell 19% between January and August."
  • "Zhi Zhi Wang died of "natural causes" (according to the police report) in 1992, without appointing a successor to the Wang fortune."
  • "According to him, Moulin Magic is the most combustible liquid he has ever used."
  • "According to clause 517b, paragraph 3, bullet point C of our staff contracts, all new employees of the Delavigne Corporation must undergo a physical examination within the first 6 months of their employment."
  • "Icarus : According to my calculations, Bruno Delavigne and Susan Bliss are located in..."
  • "According to his mother, "Can I buy you a drink?"
  • "Kevin : They're planned at irregular intervals according to demand."

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