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Übersetzung & Definition

(I've been looking for you) all over!: (Ich habe) überall (nach dir gesucht)!
You can buy these shirts all over town. Du kannst diese Hemden überall in der Stadt kaufen.
all over the world: überall auf der Welt, auf der ganzen Welt


  • "Susie : Thirdly, the paper looks cheap and there's tomato ketchup all over it."
  • "The perfume bottle smashed during transportation and leaked all over the package... and now me!"
  • "I broke my hip and had bruises all over."
  • "And paperclips all over the floor!"
  • "I am writing to express my outrage at the Delavigne posters which have appeared all over San Francisco."
  • "Jamaican girl : Spread your cream all over my limbs."
  • "Plus I know you have other property all over the country."
  • "Voter turnout all over the developed world has been in decline since the 1960's."
  • "I have put coal on the barbecue and then I've emptied a bottle of your "highly flammable" Montmartre Musk, all over it."

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