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to authorize (US), to authorise (UK): autorisieren, berechtigen verb
This is an unauthorized function. Das ist eine nicht autorisierte Funktion.
an authorisation (UK), an authorization (US): eine Autorisation, eine Berechtigung noun

UK: Who authorised you to buy new computers for the office?
US: The new boss gave his authorization. He's authorizing a lot of changes.


  • "Brian : Oh, so you've been sending out free samples without written authorisation?"
  • "Susie : I can tell you that Bruno has given me authorization to negotiate freely, and we're prepared to make Miss BĂŒmbĂŒm a substantial offer."
  • "Susie : While I am not authorized to comment on the personal health of our CEO, I can promise you our next fragrances will settle any doubts as to Delavigne's genius as a perfumer."
  • "Not only am I going to guarantee your delivery for tomorrow by five, but I'm going to authorize a free upgrade for the Delavigne Corp from Gold status to our Super Ultimate Platinum. You'll be covered for the next 12 months at no extra charge."
  • "If the company had been kind enough to authorize a direct flight, I would not have had to change my itinerary so dramatically."
  • "Icarus : Yes, but I've been authorized -"
  • "Icarus : Robert, I've, uhh, already spoken with Mr. Delavigne and he has authorized the company to purchase a more current, uhh, software suite."
  • "I'm only authorized to give out numbers."
  • "However, I'm afraid we can't authorize the full $5000 you asked for."

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