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Übersetzung & Definition

to be aware of (a problem): sich (eines Problems) bewusst sein
I am aware of your current situation and will take that into account when going over your file. Ich bin mir Ihrer aktuellen Situation bewusst und werde das beim Durcharbeiten Ihrer Akte berücksichtigen.
(Be) aware (of the sharks): Nimm dich in Acht (vor den Haien), pass (auf die Haie) auf
Luna is very aware of environmental issues. Luna ist sehr umweltbewusst.
Be aware of falling rocks on this cliff. Passen Sie an diesem Felsen auf herabfallende Steine auf.

Pronunciation examples
UK: She reads the newspaper everyday and is very politically aware.
US: I wasn't aware of that. I thought she was stupid!


  • "As some of you are no doubt aware, May Day, also known as International Workers' Day) is this Friday, and apparently a few thousand people will be celebrating with a mass protest on the streets of San Francisco."
  • "As I'm sure you are aware, Bob has been with you for 5 years and oversees the IT department."
  • "I am aware of Horatio's naps."
  • "Chuk-Chuk : I'm aware of why you are here."
  • "I wonder if the rest of the staff's aware of this!"
  • "The question now is whether he acted alone, or if others were aware of his fraudulent activities."
  • "Caroline : I've done some research on Delavigne, and I'm fully aware of your current online presence, it's very exclusive."
  • "I know that you like to read my letters when you open them every morning, so you are probably aware that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is coming to audit our R&D Department."
  • "Delavigne is aware of cultural differences, and has therefore decided to release a tailor-made version of each poster for each country where the adverts will be running."
  • "You may or may not be aware that Icarus' late father, Archibald Cuthbert Quincy, died of a heart attack when Icarus was only 12."

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