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Übersetzung & Definition

to ban: verbannen, untersagen, verbieten
(smoking is) banned: (Rauchen ist) nicht erlaubt, (Rauchen ist) nicht gestattet


  • "Although the media has been banned from the meetings, sources have reported yelling, dogs barking, and numerous bottles breaking during the negotiations."
  • "Incidentally, are you sure we banned the right Icarus?"
  • "Rupert : Actually, fox hunting has been banned since 2004, but that hasn't stopped me and my friends from hunting those foxes!"
  • "My Thoughts on the Smoking Ban"
  • "Banned from the workplace"
  • "You rightly banned Icarus Quincy from the building for arguing that IcarusBot's calculations were less accurate than a human."
  • "Fox hunting is a disgusting sport, Rupert, it should be banned."
  • "I'm not going to suggest that we force all pubs to allow smoking, and ban non-smokers, however tempting this may be."

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