Übersetzung Be on the phone

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Übersetzung & Definition

(to be) on the phone: am Telefon sein


  • "Are you on the phone long distance?"
  • "I'm away from my office or on the phone right now, but please leave a detailed message with your name and phone number at the tone, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."
  • "I'm getting my lawyer Eli Horowitz on the phone!"
  • "Didn't I speak with a woman on the phone the other day?"
  • "I was on the phone with a very important client, about to close a six-figure deal, when Stink attacked my leg."
  • "We spoke on the phone."
  • "Well the person on the phone will explain."
  • "Joe : Mr. Marron, you spoke to my colleague on the phone earlier today."
  • "I spoke with one of your customer service representatives on the phone last week."
  • "Hello, here is Quentin Duchamps on the phone, from Frantastiques... I'm calling actually from Paris, France."

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