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Übersetzung & Definition

a beer: ein Bier


  • "Eye witness report by: CLIVE THE BEER VENDOR"
  • "The party proceeded to barbecue multiple sausages and prawns on the beach, and consume moderate amounts of beer (300-400 cans)."
  • "Opera : Yeah, get us a beer love!"
  • "I'll bring a bottle opener, and some warm English beers"
  • "Some of my favorite words have "e's in them, like "beer" and "bed" and 'sleep"."
  • "And Joan, if you don't mind, and if it's not too much trouble, could you please grab the beer from the fridge?"
  • "If she's so quick, perhaps she can get me a beer from the fridge!"
  • "Get me a bloody beer, woman!"
  • "One scotch, one bourbon, one beer."
  • "Second of all, you're ruining my story, and third of all, I need to drink a gallon of beer just to tolerate you."

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