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Übersetzung & Definition

to bring (something): bringen, (etw.) mitbringen
Dieses Verb ist unregelmäßig:
I bring / I brought / I have brought
to bring (somebody somewhere): (jemanden irgendwo) hinbringen

Pronunciation examples
UK: Please could you bring me a present back from your holiday?
US: I brought you back a snake from Africa.


  • "He was known as the "Father of Fragrance", but it was his grandson Bruno who brought international recognition to the Delavigne name."
  • "Brian : Sir, I brought you your briefcase just as you asked."
  • "I've brought my boss, Mr. Gidyeon, for his, um, routine medical test."
  • "Here in Electric Ladyland we are dedicated to the art of satisfaction, and we are skilled in bringing enjoyment to all."
  • "I'll bring you back a souvenir from the airport!"
  • "Another airport official confirmed that Delavigne was inebriated, adding "He told his entourage to get on the ship and bring the wine, saying that it was time to "take this party to the motherf***in skies"."
  • "Bruno : I said 'I hope they bring us many snails'."
  • "Shall I bring some tea, perhaps some biscuits with honey?"
  • "Did you bring them?"
  • "Harold : So, ladies and gentlemen, you're probably wondering why I've brought you all the way up to the North Pole."

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