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Übersetzung & Definition

a button: ein Knopf
to button (a shirt): (ein Hemd) zuknöpfen
to unbutton (a shirt): (ein Hemd) aufknöpfen


  • "Only I may push the buttons!"
  • "There are two buttons on the mouse, and in the middle there's a "wheel"."
  • "Bob : So, on the tower under the desk, press the round, black button."
  • "Hit the "Start Imaging" button."
  • "The user finishes the exercises, clicks on the send button, and receives a personalized correction within minutes."
  • "Go ahead and push the white button... Great!"
  • "You just need to click on the "call" button."
  • "Plus he wouldn't let me push any buttons."
  • "What does this button do Guy?"

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