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Übersetzung & Definition

(Take these) chains (off me): (Nehmen Sie mir diese) Fesseln (ab)
the chain of command die Befehlskette
a food chain eine Nahrungskette
a chain (of stores, of events): eine (Handlungs-) Kette; eine (Ereignis-) Kette
to chain: anketten, verketten
The first time Bruno met Horatio, he was chained to a ficus. He wanted to protect it. Als Bruno Horatio zum ersten Mal traf, war er an einem Feigenbaum angekettet. Er wollte ihn schützen.


  • "Come on people, break the chains!"
  • "Brian : Oh I see, but there are so many pizza chains in America - what gives Luigi's Pizza a competitive edge?"
  • "I have chains all the way from London to Brighton, with another under construction in the U."
  • "Although the notoriety of the local food movement is increasing, even lending such buzzwords as "food patriotism" (strong belief in sustainable local food chains) and "locavore" (one who eats only local products) to the lexicon, some remain unconvinced that the local food movement is all it's cracked up to be."
  • "Philip will be traveling to smoggy, silicone-filled Los Angeles on Thursday morning to meet with buyers from 'Smells R Us', a chain of local perfume stores based in Southern California, as well as carriers of fine Delavigne products."

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