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Übersetzung & Definition

the charm (of the countryside): der Charme (des Landlebens, der Provinz)
(She's) charming: (Sie ist) charmant, reizend


  • "It's so British and charming."
  • "Polly : As you can see, Mr. Warbuckle, Philip is also well-known for his charm with the ladies."
  • "He's a charming man: terribly sweet, and bends over backwards to help his customers."
  • "Warning: Bruno can be extremely charming, please do not fall in love with him!"
  • "My charming co-host Brent Vanderplop can't join us today because he's burying his great-great-great uncle... Anyway, we're talking about the new phenomenon of 'e-books'."
  • "The police said that Icarus is definitely facing some prison time, but I think that with a little bit of the Cheeter charm, I can get it reduced to a suspended license and 2 or 3 hundred hours of community service."
  • "Susie : That's charming Frankie."
  • "Polly : As you can see, Mr. Warbuckle, Philip is also known for his charm with the ladies."
  • "Or, should the Delavigne Corporation be remanded to this delightful, charming young thing in front of me."
  • "That was Brian Jones, we work together, he's perfectly charming."

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