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Übersetzung & Definition

childhood: die Kindheit

Pronunciation examples
UK: My childhood was full of tragedy.
US: I had a very happy childhood.


  • "Wang/Fang Textiles and Rubber (Hong Kong, merger between Wang and childhood friend Dong Fang's business."
  • "Anyhow, I know you don't mind sleeping in the tree house, but I can't sleep in my childhood race car bed any longer."
  • "If you don't mind, I'm going to ask you some basic questions about your childhood, and then we'll move on to examine some deeper issues."
  • "Born on July 14, 1966, Bruno Delavigne spent the first years of his childhood in San Francisco with his older brother Felix."
  • "Failed ladies' man with a troubled childhood"
  • "Do you think you could describe you first childhood memory?"
  • "Born on July 14, 1961, Bruno Delavigne spent the first years of his childhood in San Francisco, with his older brother Felix."
  • "Chapter 1: Childhood in Paris: adoption and relationship with Swedish au pair"
  • "You can tell her that I want to talk about my feelings or some childhood trauma, whatever!"

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