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Übersetzung & Definition

closer: näher, enger
My sister is closer to my mother than I am. Meine Schwester steht meiner Mutter näher als ich.
Now that I have moved, I live closer to the beach. Jetzt, wo ich umgezogen bin, lebe ich näher am Meer.
close (to): nahe (an), dicht (bei)


  • "or Las Vegas, but I'd settle for something a little closer to home if the budget won't budge."
  • "Who do you think comes closer: the expert who's worked with cows all his life;"
  • "Closer. Closer."
  • "In my mind, a birthday is no different than a funeral - both events indicate that you are moving closer to being lowered into the ground."
  • "I'm getting closer."
  • "Then come closer... closer... not too close!"
  • "Closer. Closer. Too close!"
  • "Despite this isolated incident, I believe that our two cultures are closer than ever, and this is reflected by this collaboration between the perfumers of our two great nations."
  • "As for the fragrance, I'm no expert, but it smells similar enough to merit a closer analysis from our experts."
  • "Godfather : Closer... (smack) ... What's the matter with you Peter?"

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