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Übersetzung & Definition

to complete: ausfüllen, ergänzen, fertig stellen
complete: komplett, vollständig, vollendet
completely: vollkommen, völlig


  • "THX-1134 : Sale completed."
  • "You're completely naked-"
  • "Dr. Loblaw : I'm completely serious, Brian."
  • "Please complete it."
  • "Our beloved director of sales, and ex-president of Cheeterland, Philip Cheeter, recently completed a unique weekend seminar as part of Delavigne Corp's training program. Here's a excerpt from a recent e-mail exchange between the two of us"
  • "Industrial Fruit Concern Inc. has stated that if they acquire the juice business, they plan to completely change the company culture and business model, create hundreds of soulless storefronts across the world, and pretty much ruin everything that made it unique."
  • "Philip : Before completing my mission, I have but one remaining task... to take a look at the contents of said microfiche!"
  • "Bruno : You have six hours to complete your mission!"
  • "Brent : So listeners, I am now inside the party: the first stage of my mission is complete."

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