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Übersetzung & Definition

a cookie: ein Keks, ein Plätzchen


  • "If I eat too late I won't have room for my milk and cookies at 4pm."
  • "Why have cookies without sugar?"
  • "Please be sure to show up next Tuesday afternoon, following lunch, at 2:15 in the boardroom. There will be coffee and cookies."
  • "Sugar-free cookies (for those of us who cannot allow ourselves to indulge in the sin of chocolate cake)"
  • "Luna : I suggested we have some sugar-free cookies as well, but Bruno felt it wasn't necessary."
  • "To start earning your wings, we offer a two-hour introductory training session with Captain Donny Dare which includes an hour of theory and cookies, then a one-hour flight in a small, easy-to-fly sport plane."
  • "The coffee and cookies, however, will still be available in my office from 2:15 until their supply is exhausted."
  • "Too bad, I liked him. Join us after the break when we'll talk about cookies!"
  • "Hey Susie, you should go easy on the cookies."
  • "Cookies in the shape of elves!"

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