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Übersetzung & Definition

a dinosaur: ein Dinosaurier
I got a baby dinosaur for my birthday this year Ich habe zum Geburtstag einen Babydinosaurier bekommen.


  • "-It's a dinosaur!"
  • "Moira : Apparently, for certain groups, the existence of dinosaurs conflicts with their own creation theories, like the story of Adam and Eve for example."
  • "French kiss a dinosaur."
  • "It's not a good argument that dinosaurs really existed."
  • "Fossil evidence has confirmed the existence of dinosaurs all over the world."
  • "Dinosaurs , which were proven to be much smaller than scientists originally thought."
  • "Take one look at that Tyrannosaur and tell me that dinosaurs don't exist!"
  • "Over the years, dinosaurs, these gigantic lizards which roamed the earth billions of years ago, have become a controversial subject."
  • "Jean : If you want, I have another one with a dinosaur that loves cheese..."
  • "Although most people do in fact accept dinosaurs as a real, though extinct species, there are some religious fundamentalists out there who refuse to acknowledge the existence of these fantastic lizards."

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