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Übersetzung & Definition

to doubt: zweifeln
I doubt she will make it tonight. Ich bezweifle, dass sie es heute schaffen wird.
a doubt: ein Zweifel
I have some doubts about this solution. Ich habe einige Zweifel an dieser Entscheidung.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I doubt she will make it tonight.
US: I have some doubts about this solution.


  • "I doubt that my brother will be attending this year, but there's always a small chance that he'll show up."
  • "Philip : I doubt it, Edward, unless you know how to transport 30,000 units of perfume from Southampton, England, to Brazil in less than three weeks?"
  • "Philip : Yeah, I seriously doubt that."
  • "I don't doubt your talent, Mr. Hogwash, but perhaps the unique requirements of this project scare you?"
  • "And, if you do manage to get an interview, which I very much doubt, I suggest you practise your manner."
  • "I sincerely doubt you could afford me."
  • "Gertrude Warner : Oh, I doubt that."
  • "Without any written correspondence, I doubt your case will hold up in a court of law."
  • "- I doubt that the fruit bar will be expanded since it is rarely touched."
  • "Philip : Oh, I doubt that."

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