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Übersetzung & Definition

a dress: ein Kleid; die Kleidung
(Casual) dress (is allowed): (Freizeit-) Kleidung (ist gestattet)
to dress: sich anziehen


  • "I've got plenty of other Scottish things planned for today: I've got a full-sized replica of the Loch Ness monster in the parking lot, and Brian mentioned that he'd like to try on some dresses with you later."
  • "On Thursday, please dress to impress, and no latecomers - it's just not cool kids."
  • "Dresses and dolls and flowers?"
  • "Security guard 2 : Did you dress yourself?"
  • "You haven't been wearing my dresses again, have you?"
  • "I want to see your closet, I want to try on your dresses, I want to meet the guards with the funny hats, but most of all, I want to see... the crown jewels!"
  • "Philip : Well maybe if you didn't dress like a hippie with your dashikis and mumus and your bell-bottom jeans, I'd sexually harass you too!"
  • "For the duration of your stay here, you will dress in these humble robes."
  • "She ruined her dress, so we helped her take it off and she spent the afternoon in her "unmentionables"."
  • "How formally should your guests dress?"

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