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Übersetzung & Definition

to drop (something): hinwerfen, (etwas) fallen lassen
Don't drop the soap. Lass' die Seife nicht fallen.
I dropped my watch in the toilet and it doesn't work anymore. Ich habe meine Uhr in die Toilette fallen lassen, und jetzt geht sie nicht mehr.
Can we drop the subject? Können wir das Thema wechseln?
to drop (something or someone) off: (jemanden oder etwas) absetzen
I have to drop my mom off in town before I go to the pub. Ich muss meine Mutter in der Stadt absetzen, bevor ich in die Kneipe gehen kann.
a drop (off): ein Rückgang, ein Verlust, ein Sturz
The stock prices saw a sharp drop-off in the third quarter. Die Aktienkurse sind im dritten Quartal stark eingebrochen.
to drop 59%: sich um 59 % verringern (im Vergleich zum Ausgangswert)

Pronunciation examples
UK: Could you drop me off at the mosque on your way to church?
US: Never, ever drop the soap in a prison shower.


  • "I think you've dropped a sheet of paper."
  • "And as you must know, since those figures were published this morning, our stock has already dropped 5.67 points as of 3:20 pm New York time, according to my Raspberry portable device."
  • "Klaus : Yes, drop us here and wait for us."
  • "Apparently we've just hired a new sales assistant, and I wonder if the drop in sales might have to do with him. His name's Spencer, and he has a confusing voice."
  • "I'd like you to drop your pants."
  • "Philip : Ok, sales people, drop the phones for a minute and gather round the Sales King - me!"
  • "The stock just dropped half of a point while we were talking!"
  • "I will not let my little Icarus suffer the same fate as my poor husband: stress is a very dangerous thing, and Icarus will be staying at home with me until his blood pressure drops."
  • "Horatio : ...then you drop."

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