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Übersetzung & Definition

an electric shock: ein Elektroschock, ein elektrischer Schlag


  • "Jean Marron replaced Bruno's keyboard at 12.50pm. Bruno had complained that the keyboard was emitting electric shocks."
  • "We've increased the voltage on our electric shock feature, we've pumped up the volume on our alarms and we've added infra-red capabilities to our video surveillance systems. Act now and we'll include at no extra cost, the ultimate canine insurance system: a live Rottweiler to complement the SSSS5000!"
  • "If someone else picks it up, say a dumb intern, it gives them a massive electric shock."
  • "Also included in the SSSS3000 is an electric shock feature, which will make sure that your intruders feel the jolt of justice."
  • "Your phone just gave me an electric shock, Philip!"

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