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Übersetzung & Definition

an e-mail: eine elektronische Post, eine E-Mail
to e-mail (someone): (jemandem) emailen
I e-mailed Bruno last Monday. Ich habe Bruno letzten Montag gemailt/eine E-Mail geschickt.
mail: Post


  • "FAX (None) - E-MAIL delunatik@earthdrink.com"
  • "Attached to this e-mail you will find a spreadsheet listing the size of the biggest e-mail accounts in the company."
  • "I'm still waiting for mine to be fixed (this email notwithstanding)!"
  • "In the meantime, if you wish to continue using e-mail, which I gather is important, please reduce the size of your personal inboxes immediately."
  • "I received an e-mail from Bruno."
  • "Your colleague Luna sent me a detailed email about your case."
  • "Many thanks for your email."
  • "Brian : You have emails?"
  • "I would also like someone to set up her email account, check that all the cables are plugged in properly to her P."
  • "I called this meeting because I have some important news which couldn't be delivered in an email."

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