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Übersetzung & Definition

to end up (leaving alone): schliesslich, letzten Endes, letztendlich (alleine weggehen)
You're going to end up broke if you continue to spend all your money like this. Du wirst noch pleite gehen, wenn du weiterhin all dein Geld so ausgibst.
I ended up going to the hospital last night Ich endete gestern Nacht im Krankenhaus.
to end up (with no friends): letzten Endes, letztendlich, schließlich (ohne Freunde dastehen)


  • "We just might end up getting raises for pulling off this stunt!"
  • "I ended up sleeping in a tree after Stink chewed my tent."
  • "Bethany : If this case ends up going to court, your client will be liable for all attorney fees and court costs."
  • "After all, we don't want our favorite office "Frenchie" to end up in a lawsuit because he squeezed someone's booty a little hard, now, do we?"
  • "However if another shareholder were to purchase Mr. Oléré's shares, they could end up with a large enough majority to contest your position as CEO."

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