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Übersetzung & Definition

to estimate: schätzen, beurteilen, glauben
an (cost) estimate: ein (Kosten-) Voranschlag
an estimation, an estimate: eine Schätzung, eine Beurteilung, eine Meinung
In my estimation, the weather will get worse next week. Meiner Einschätzung nach wird das Wetter nächste Woche schlechter werden.


  • "Your estimated waiting time is: 364 minutes."
  • "There is another potential solution to this problem. We could have Bob or Jean change your phone number, at an estimated cost of $35 dollars."
  • "While there are an estimated 12 million immigrants of Mexican origin working illegally in the US, we are focusing on this isolated case only because a celebrity is involved, and that's what the people want to know about."
  • "Those are low estimates, but that puts us roughly at 1.8 million USD, without any shipping and labor costs."
  • "or the average estimate of 500 random people who know nothing about cows?"
  • "Scientists estimate that the web's carbon footprint (the CO2 it produces) is growing at around 10% per year, which could be bad news for internet giants such as Moogle, Microtosh, and YouLube."
  • "Royal Rehab®- Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation... it's a lot better than being beheaded!"
  • "I estimate my daily efficiency will improve by 2.65 percent."
  • "Estimated cost in parentheses."
  • "I estimate that you have decreased my daily efficiency by 59.75 percent and increased my chance of a brain trauma by 63.26 percent!"

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