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Übersetzung & Definition

exact: exakt
(not) exactly: (nicht) ganz, genau


  • "Icarus : Exactly!"
  • "As you all know, it's been exactly one month since Bruno left the company in search of happiness, and exactly one month since I've been the interim CEO in his place."
  • "What if I told you I know their exact location at this very moment?"
  • "You're probably wondering what exactly happened between Bruno and I, and to be honest it's not easy to explain."
  • "If everyone will be so kind as to follow me, I will tell you exactly where Susie and Bruno are."
  • "It was so loud, though, I couldn't be sure what he was saying exactly."
  • "If it interests you, I can fax you "exactly" what the Perfume Hut's sales represent to the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Yes...Oh, we're on it, sir! Exactly!"
  • "It is exactly 9:07 am, and I am swimming alongside a dolphin."

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