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Übersetzung & Definition

an expression: eine Äußerung, ein Ausdruck


  • "Have you ever heard the expression "the customer is always right"?"
  • "Today I'm wearing a sky blue shirt, so I'll be using expressions related to the sky and the colour blue."
  • "COCKNEY EXPRESSIONS (and their English translations)"
  • "Horatio's face was painted with what I can only assume to be traditional Amazonian facial markings, and his expression seemed bizarre: distant, yet intensely focused."
  • "Therefore we'd like you to avoid the following words and expressions (I've explained the more difficult ones for your benefit)"
  • "Do you have this expression in English?"
  • "Bruno : Yes, Brian, hence the expression: "Surprise Inspection"."
  • "Have you ever heard the expression "you've got to spend money to make it"?"
  • "Anyhow, next week I will be in your "neck of the forest"* (again, I hope I've used the expression correctly)."
  • "I choose my expressions for the day when I get dressed each morning."

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