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Übersetzung & Definition

extensive: umfassend, umfangreich, weitreichend
We have done extensive research on this subject. Wir haben umfangreiche Untersuchungen zu diesem Thema durchgeführt.
Horatio has extensive knowledge of flowers from South America. Horatio hat umfassende Kenntnisse über Blumen aus Südamerika.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Fred has extensive knowledge of computers and can even send emails.
US: The house has extensive gardens.


  • "Mr. Steele : I have extensive experience with all operating systems and software platform development."
  • "Extensive knowledge of cosmetics industry a must!"
  • "After two intense months of interviews, innumerable resumés, and extensive background research, I'm confident that I've finally found the perfect hire for our new Customer Service department."
  • "I am sure you are already familiar with our extensive line of skin care and beauty products, from our award-winning perfumes (Exotic Garden and others) to our environmentally safe and organically produced soaps ("Cucumber Melonade" is one of our most popular)."
  • "Fiona : As the CFO of this corporation, I assume you have an extensive method for the retention of information: a filing system, a database..."
  • "You have extensive experience in the customer service field and you certainly seem qualified for this position."
  • "Paola : Our university is known for its extensive research facilities."
  • "The 15-24 male demographic has been affected by rumors of breast growth by extensive exposure to unisex perfumes."

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