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Übersetzung & Definition

favorite (US), favourite (UK): bevorzugt
(Here are) the favorites (on the pitch): (Hier sind) die Favoriten (auf dem Spielfeld)


  • "I like numbers of every kind, but my favourite is..."
  • "That's one of my favorite restaurants."
  • "to come out of the blue/out of a clear blue sky (this is my favourite today: sky AND blue!) - to come unexpectedly, as a total surprise"
  • "This is my favorite part of the game."
  • "Danica, they make great cheesecake here, and that is your favorite if I remember correctly."
  • "-So, how's my favorite client?"
  • "Announcer : Today, our charismatic and handsome leader is relaxing in front of a fire with his favourite monkey, Giuseppe."
  • "See attached file for some of my favorites."
  • "I have managed to smuggle some of my favorite French foods through customs, including a very smelly camembert that I have kept in my trousers."
  • "And now, without further ado, I'd like to present tonight's main event - our expert camel panel, who will answer all your questions about our favorite mammal, the camel."

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