Übersetzung First thing in the morning

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Übersetzung & Definition

(I'll do it) first thing in the morning: (Ich werde das) morgen früh als Erstes (erledigen)
Put those files on my desk, and I'll look at them first thing in the morning. Legen Sie die Akten auf meinen Schreibtisch, ich werde sie morgen früh als Erstes durchsehen.


  • "Polly : Well, first thing in the morning, I read through all my e-mails and respond to any urgent matters."
  • "First thing Thursday, then-"
  • "I'd like to schedule our first meeting for tomorrow morning, first thing."
  • "Please come over first thing after lunch today."
  • "I'm calling an emergency meeting for tomorrow (Friday the 13th) first thing in the morning (8:15 am to be precise)."
  • "We did see a guy first thing this morning who had a meat skewer jammed through his forearm. He said his ex-wife did it after she found out he lost his job."

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