Übersetzung For those of us

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Übersetzung & Definition

For those of us (that love frisbee, there's a match tomorrow): Für diejenigen unter uns (die Frisbee lieben, gibt es morgen ein Spiel)


  • "Here are some questions for those of you aged under 25: What do the letters "LP" stand for?"
  • "Sugar-free cookies (for those of us who cannot eat chocolate cake)"
  • "Sugar-free cookies (for those of us who cannot allow ourselves to indulge in the sin of chocolate cake)"
  • "For those of you just tuning in, it was reported that the eccentric perfume magnate was piloting a hot air balloon while drunk when he lost control of the machine."
  • "I guess my question is this: Is there anything the company could do for those of us who wish to learn a foreign language?"

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