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Übersetzung & Definition

a forest: ein Wald


  • "Lawrence Laughsalot : I spent 3 years in the service for my country, and I watched some of the bravest men of my generation die in the forests of Namibia so that people like you could learn about the benefits of laughter in the business place."
  • "You mean those magical creatures with pointy little ears, they live in forests and... I'm.."
  • "My father and I had gone out for a walk in the local forest and we got separated."
  • "Here are a few examples: adopt a tree, or maybe even a forest!"
  • "But with cork's drop in popularity, Mediterranean cork forests, rich in wildlife, are being cut down to make way for less sustainable land uses, such as cattle farming."
  • "Bruno : The Park is teeming with wildlife and natural features, from the Old Faithful Geyser to the mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons and forests."
  • "Icarus : Yes, but sir, are there really forests in Namibia?"

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