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Übersetzung & Definition

a fox (animal): ein Fuchs (Tier)
a fox (slang): ein sexy Mädchen (Umgangssprache)


  • "I'll have to dig out my red lipstick and fake fox furs."
  • "Rupert : Actually, fox hunting has been banned since 2004, but that hasn't stopped me and my friends from hunting those foxes!"
  • "The only danger was the foxes."
  • "Some people enjoy collecting knives, others enjoy building robots, and some English people like me think that the most enjoyable hobby of all is to hunt a small fox with a pack of dogs."
  • "Do you judge a man on the vintage of wine he serves after vigorously chasing a fox across the English countryside?"
  • "Rupert : We use specially-trained dogs that track the scent of the fox with their noses."
  • "(source: Fox News)"
  • "And what happens when the fox is caught?"
  • "Rupert : Well, if the fox hasn't had a heart attack from running, then it is usually eaten alive by the dogs."
  • "Brent : And how do these dogs hunt the fox, Rupert?"

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