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Übersetzung & Definition

a glass: ein Glas
glass: Glas (Material)
(a pair of) glasses: eine Brille
The man over there in the glasses is Horatio's brother. Der Mann mit der Brille da drüben ist Horatios Bruder.


  • "Danica : 2 glasses of red, 2 white, 1 champagne."
  • "But what about the glass needed to make the bottles?"
  • "I'll have a pint of mild in a half-pint glass."
  • "We make our own glass right here in the factory."
  • "I need another glass of wine."
  • "Jackson : Here goes the glass... You see, the glass has completely shattered - glass is too brittle, as I said."
  • "I'm not scared for myself of course - I'm standing behind 3 layers of bulletproof glass in my very own Brent-Mobile, inspired by the Pope's vehicle."
  • "Please help yourself to a glass of cold water, but you should know that's all the water you'll get for the next two weeks of the convention!"
  • "Would you like a glass of wine?"
  • "I'll pour us a glass."

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