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Übersetzung & Definition

(I) happened to be (there): (Ich) war zufälligerweise (dort)
There just so happened to be an extra concert ticket. Es war zufälligerweise eine Konzertkarte übrig.
She happened to be on the same bus: Zufälligerweise war sie im selben Bus


  • "A quick-thinking pedestrian, who happened to pass by just as the suspicious youths entered the bank, helped police solve the crime in record time."
  • "As a result of the operation, Mr. Connors was physically unable to drive his own car, due to the many bandages covering his eyes, which is why Mr. Marron happened to be at the wheel."
  • "Everybody has a passion in life, and yours just happens to be perfumes."
  • "Today happens to be my birthday."
  • "Randy happens to be blind, but we're happy to have him with us on his first flight."

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