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Übersetzung & Definition

honestly: ehrlich

Pronunciation examples
UK: I honestly think it's going to rain.
US: Honestly, I don't think your plan is going to work, Mr. Jones.


  • "Anyway, I can honestly say that Mr. O'Leary has a productivity rating unlike any I've ever seen."
  • "I can honestly say that I haven't been able to forget two things from that evening: your astonishing insight into the world economy and the way you accidentally kissed me on the mouth when you said goodbye."
  • "Here's how the focus group will work: I'm going to ask you a series of questions, which you should answer as honestly as possible."
  • "Icarus : I suppose I'm looking for a relationship with someone I can talk to honestly;"
  • "Honestly, Kevin, I've known you to cut corners in the past, but this takes the cake."
  • "Honestly Mr. Capone, now we have to find a new accountant!"

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