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Übersetzung & Definition

a house: ein Haus
to house (someone or something): (jemanden oder etwas) unterbringen, beherbergen


  • "Bruno : Madam, my family used to own this house 40 years ago."
  • "Horatio : The Sydney Opera House is the house where my friend Sydney lives with his wife Opera."
  • "Bruno : Ma'am, my family used to own this house 40 years ago."
  • "and take her to your house!"
  • "I just read your advertisement on Craigsboard.com, and it just so happens that we are looking for someone to fill a room in our 6-bedroom house."
  • "Bruno : Ma'am, would you mind if I looked around your house for a little while?"
  • "The gallery is a striking piece of modern architecture that houses an exhibition space and a boutique."
  • "Others are selling their British houses and moving to the US permanently."
  • "The US property market is currently suffering a credit crisis, making it attractive for Britons who cannot cope with the sky-high house prices at home."
  • "I will sell this house today."

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