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Übersetzung & Definition

important: wichtig
This is a very important client. Das ist ein sehr wichtiger Kunde.
importantly: bedeutend, wesentlich, wichtig


  • "Krazy Gidyeon : Yes, it's very important."
  • "I have an important announcement."
  • "I called this meeting because I have some important news which couldn't be delivered in an email."
  • "Thank you for calling Big Bank, your call is not important to us."
  • "The pitcher, or hurler, is the most important man on the team."
  • "The most important things in the world are family and respect...and to a lesser extent money and drugs."
  • "It's Manchester United versus Spurs in this important fifth-round cup tie here at Old Trafford"
  • "At the hotel room, well, I did actually receive an important phone call, otherwise I would have happily made love to her."
  • "He's got an important message for you."
  • "So what I'm about to say to you is very important, you understand, because I'm dying."

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