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in particular: insbesondere, besonders
I love flowers, in particular red roses. Ich liebe Blumen, besonders rote Rosen.


  • "Icarus : There are two charges in particular which seem a little out of the ordinary."
  • "This was the result of some suspect management decisions as well as some poorly chosen business partners (Kalvin Krime and Grevelon in particular)."
  • "Most of candidates I met with were well-qualified, however one in particular stood out from the crowd."
  • "Or is there something else in particular you would like to focus on?"
  • "I was very rude and insulting to you, and in particular, I am sorry for calling you a C*%!"
  • "I never thought I would leave the Delavigne Corporation and I have sincerely appreciated my time with the company in general and on the retail team in particular."

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