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Übersetzung & Definition

to incorporate (a new functionality into a product): (Eine neue Funktion in ein Produkt) integrieren
Did you incorporate my ideas into your upcoming project? Haben Sie meine Ideen in ihr anstehendes Projekt aufgenommen?
Drunk&Monk Inc. (or "Drunk&Monk Incorporated"): Drunk&Monk AG


  • "Buy Super Platinum Incorporated now!"
  • "As I mentioned in my e-mail, I'm looking to get some advice on possible environmental initiatives that we could incorporate here at Delavigne."
  • "We worked on incorporating some environmental initiatives together."
  • "Sell Super Platinum Incorporated now!"
  • "Anyway, I am standing next to none other than entrepreneur Bruno Delavigne, who has just emerged from intense marathon negotiation sessions with the International Fruit Concern, Incorporated."
  • "I bought some stock in the company, Luigi's Pizza Incorporated."
  • "Philip : Brian, buy shares in Super Platinum Incorporated."
  • "We've done our best to incorporate new green ideas, but I fear we're only scratching the surface of what could be done."
  • "Philip : Brian, sell Super Platinum Incorporated now!"
  • "Incorporating nap time for the staff might even provide a nice PR angle for all those journalists looking for stories about "hip" and "caring" corporations."

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