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Übersetzung & Definition

inside (a box): im Inneren (einer Schachtel)


  • "Gloria : Oh... Are you sure you want to see inside this room?"
  • "I'm dying to know what's inside!"
  • "Brent : So listeners, I am now inside the party: the first stage of my mission is complete."
  • "Putting perfume inside a billboard is such a gimmick."
  • "Open me up and take a look inside"
  • "What's going on inside that beautiful head of yours?"
  • "Philip : Well then, you won't mind if I take a little look inside them. Get ready for Dr. Philip to perform surgery..."
  • "Jean : Well, I'm very hungry, and since we don't eat dinner with Mamie, I suggest we go inside and at least we have a bite to eat, you know "miam miam"."
  • "Maybe someone inside knows Lucky."
  • "Back in Europe, deep inside the French countryside!"

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