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Übersetzung & Definition

just as (I was arriving): genau als (ich ankam), genau in dem Moment, als (ich ankam)
just as (you described): genauso wie (du es beschrieben hattest)


  • "Brian : Sir, I brought you your briefcase just as you asked."
  • "She is just as organized and meticulous as Icarus himself, so they scheduled their first date for next Friday, two full months after they first met."
  • "I believe everyone here knows each other, but just as a formality, let me introduce you all once more."
  • "Just as I was packing up my things, Horatio stumbled into my office wearing nothing but a loincloth."
  • "The winners will play the Italians in the final, who are just as hot by the way."
  • "A quick-thinking pedestrian, who happened to pass by just as the suspicious youths entered the bank, helped police solve the crime in record time."

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