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Übersetzung & Definition

leather: das Leder
noun, adjective
Philip bought a new leather jacket. Philip hat sich eine neue Lederjacke gekauft.


  • "A man was wearing a tutu, a leather jacket, and a plastic crown on his head!"
  • "Act now and receive, at no extra charge, our Flint Westwood leather holster."
  • "We are famous for our fine leather products."
  • "Expect smooth, classic jazz sounds, comfortable leather club chairs, and an average age of 78."
  • "Time will tell whether this will be the result of an increase in sales or of making redundancies, however few people in the industry believe that D&C's tradition of using authentic Italian tailoring, leathers and fabrics will continue under Mazerati's leadership."
  • "Act now and receive, at no extra charge, our Flint Westwood leather holster, made from 100% pure bison."
  • "I left the replacement keyboard on the big leather chair in your office."

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