Übersetzung Let somebody do something

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Übersetzung & Definition

to let (somebody) do (something): (jemanden etwas) tun lassen
My mother would never let me go to the party. Meine Mutter würde mich nie auf die Party gehen lassen.
I'll let you think about our offer. Ich lasse Sie über unser Angebot nachdenken.


  • "Donna : Oh, well according to my notes, we were discussing how lonely you were as a child because your mother didn't let you play with other children, and how you wet yourself in the school play at the age of 7."
  • "I'll let you get to know your new friends, Jermaine."
  • "Bruno : That would be great Sam. I'll let you finish your meal now."
  • "Listen, I'm in a good mood so I'll let you have them for 29 dollars."
  • "Bruno : Uhhh, I'll let you discuss this in private."
  • "Look, I'll let you drive my car, and I'll take you to lunch before the operation."
  • "I'll let you choose."
  • "I'll let you tell that unlucky guy he's fired."
  • "And I'll let you imagine how a massive sale of shares could affect your stock's price."

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