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Übersetzung & Definition

(like) last time: (wie) das letzte Mal
We don't want dinner to be a disaster like last time. Wir wollen nicht, dass das Abendessen ein Desaster wird wie beim letzten Mal.
The last time I saw him was yesterday. Ich habe ihn gestern zum letzten Mal gesehen.
(I'm gonna try) one last time!: (Ich werde es) ein letztes Mal (versuchen)!


  • "But that was what you ordered last time."
  • "We're going to be installing a new video conferencing system next month, and it would be a huge relief if we could find ourselves a single, highly-trained professional rather than another team of bumbling morons, like last time."
  • "Last time I visited the veterinarian, she told me Stink was fine."
  • "The last time I saw you was at the San Francisco Fragrance Expo last winter!"
  • "Last time I saw you, I was negotiating with your buyers in Tokyo."
  • "I hope you're well, and that your meeting at the Vatican went better than last time."
  • "The last time something like this happened, he called in an expert lawyer to help me get my life back to normal."
  • "All I know is that this is the last time I go on a trip with Horatio for awhile."
  • "Aussie : Well, the last time I looked, 1 American Dollar was worth about 1.1 Australian Dollars."
  • "Hannah : Yes, the last time I checked."

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