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Übersetzung & Definition

a matter: ein Thema, eine Frage, ein Ding
I have a few matters to discuss with you. Ich muss ein paar Dinge mit Ihnen diskutieren.
a matter of life and death es geht um Leben und Tod
in a matter of (months): in (Monaten)


  • "I'm contacting you about a most urgent matter."
  • "Now, for the small matter of payment."
  • "I should really report you to the police, but I will take great pleasure in dealing with this matter personally."
  • "As you can imagine, I have a lot to say on this matter."
  • "It's just a matter of talking to the right people."
  • "Thank you for your cooperation in this matter"
  • "As this is an official FBI matter, please observe strict protocol for discretion and confidentiality."
  • "There's also a little matter I'd like to discuss with you, but we'll get to that later!"
  • "You've only been alive for a matter of months, but I've already had reports of public indecency, aggressive lullaby singing, diaper throwing, tummy aches, temper tantrums, loud crying and some very serious accusations of milk abuse."
  • "What are your feelings on the matter, everyone?"

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