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Übersetzung & Definition

(I'll be there in 10) minutes: (Ich werde in 10) Minuten (da sein)


  • "I'll see you in a few minutes."
  • "Your estimated waiting time is: 364 minutes."
  • "Get Philip and meet me in the laboratory in 5 minutes!"
  • "Our flying time is approximately 37 hours and 59 minutes."
  • "Brian : I'm out of film. Let me just reload and we'll go again in about 15-20 minutes."
  • "In just 5 30-minute sessions with our automated consultants, we'll transform you from oppressive overlord into a benevolent boss without ever leaving your throne room!"
  • "12 coffees brewed per second, 94 mails archived per minute, 6-10 chocolates fed to Bruno per hour."
  • "We'll be back in like 2 minutes, ja?"
  • "5 minutes later..."
  • "Olaf : 2 minutes should be ok, ja."

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