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Übersetzung & Definition

more and more: mehr und mehr, immer mehr
adverb phrase, prepositional phrase
More and more people are switching from Kalvin Krime to Delavigne perfumes. Immer mehr Leute wechseln von Kalvin Krime zu Delavignes Parfums.
I'm getting used to it as more and more time goes by. Es vergeht immer mehr Zeit, deshalb gewöhne ich mich daran.


  • "The catch is that as more and more people use the internet, more and more pages are loaded, searches are made, and videos are watched, and so more and more servers are needed to power all this web activity."
  • "Ursula : Listen, consumers are becoming more and more interested in green issues, and companies will do much better economically if they listen to their customers and show that they care about the future of the planet!"
  • "More and more women are attending the matches, and this can only be a good thing!"
  • "Britons buy slice of American pie: UK citizens investing more and more in the American housing market"
  • "Your market share has increased and more and more people are buying your perfumes."
  • "Shopkeeper : Well we mostly supply to government organizations, although more and more leading corporations are purchasing these days."
  • "Online record shops are more and more numerous, and auction websites that sell second-hand vinyl records are booming."

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