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Übersetzung & Definition

nobody, no one: keiner, niemand
Nobody knows. Niemand weiß es.


  • "Stay on your toes Mr. Cheeter, and trust no one."
  • "Anyone? No one? Not even you, young Mr. Quincy?"
  • "Nobody said it was easy"
  • "Nobody knows this, but every night I return home at seven o'clock to feed my seven cats and watch soap operas while eating bon bons in front of the telly."
  • "Come alone, and tell no one."
  • "Jean : Oh, I'm very sorry, there is no one called Brenda Fontenot here."
  • "No one was hurt during the revolution but the country did record its first ever act of violence when the former President's bodyguard was slightly pushed."
  • "Nobody in here is suffering from depression."
  • "-Nobody gives a shit about your good name."
  • "No one ever said it would be this hard...."

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