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Übersetzung & Definition

to open up (a file): (einen Ordner) öffnen
Open up!: Machen Sie auf!
Open up! Open wide!: Öffnen! Weit öffnen!


  • "Philip : Open it up, Icky!"
  • "Open up, Edward..."
  • "Just open up-"
  • "Why don't you open up the suitcase and find out?"
  • "So we need to open up the debate."
  • "Dr. Loblaw : Basically we're going to cut a flap of corneal tissue using a knife with an oscillating blade, open it up and remove some tissue beneath the cornea with a laser."
  • "Mr. Oléré! Open up!"
  • "Ms. Tantra, can you open up, please!"
  • "Trey and I are playing mouth-basketball with these delicious chocolates Bruno brought back from France. Open up!"
  • "Brian : Anyway, open up the briefcase, I'm dying to know what's inside!"

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